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The River Ebro, Spain

The river Ebro is the second longest river, after the Tagus, with the greatest discharge of all the Iberian rivers in Spain and drains one-sixth of the country. Its source starts in Fontibre northern Spain, 1,980 meters above sea level in the Cantabrian mountains, from there it travels in a south easterly direction for 565 miles down to the Mediterranean Sea.

From Fontibre it starts its journey rushing through rocky gorges in the Burgos Province. With many tributaries flowing down from the Iberian mountains on one side and the Navarre mountains of the Pyrenees on the other, the Ebro takes on volume forming a wider valley as travels towards Zaragoza and on to Caspe. It is at Caspe that this already sizable river expands and slows down as it crosses Aragon, with the spring snow melt from the Pyrenees and the large tributaries contributing to its volume as it carries on down along carp riddled bays towards the town of Mequinenza. It is here at Mar de Aragon where Pro Predator has gained a great knowledge of and enjoy fishing.

The river continues through huge dams at Mequinenza, Riba roja and Flix into the region of Catalunia, where the river narrows and is constrained by mountain ranges making wide sweeping bends. It continues on through Tortosa along spectacular gorges where it fans out to its Delta, finally discharging near Amposta into the Mediterranean Sea between Barcelona and Valencia in the province of Tarragona.

With a continental climate of hot and dry summers, sometimes reaching forty degrees with little rainfall, this vast river offers fantastic fishing opportunities with great catfish fishing, carp fishing and Zander fishing, with many other species like black bass and perch thriving due to a ten month growing period and an abundant food source making captures of record size fish possible. With the surrounding areas of the river Ebro full of wild life and nature reserves serving as an important stop over point for many migratory birds, this makes for an idyllic setting and top destination for many anglers.

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