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Black Bass Fishing on the River Ebro

The American large mouth or black bass as it is known here were introduced into Spain, and the river Ebro from America in the mid 50’s to early 60’s for the purpose of sport fishing.

Black bass have become perfectly acclimatised to the different sections of the river Ebro, and are considered to be pound for pound one of the hardest fighting fresh water fish, reaching respectable sizes here at Mar de Aragon.

With the river Ebro being one of the nearest places in Europe and a top destination to fish for this exotic like species, it’s surely worth grabbing the opportunity to target the black bass.

Being responsible for a great deal of development in the tackle industry, black bass are pursued with a large arsenal of artificial baits including fly fishing.

These fish are masters in adapting to feed on a wide variety of natural resources which creates a challenge to anglers trying to match their feeding patterns.

It is not surprising specialists from around the world in black bass fishing compete on the river Ebro, meeting at the Caspe Bass International and other championships which are organised around the black bass fishing on Mar de Aragon, Caspe and Riba Roja.

We believe once you have caught a black bass, you will understand why millions of anglers around the world are so fanatical about this species.

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