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Carp fishing on the River Ebro

The river Ebro is a top venue in Europe for carp fishing and with the fantastic scenery of Aragon, beautiful wild life and great weather, makes for a great place to enjoy your fishing.

With the abundant natural food sources added to the high temperatures, there is a ten month growing period, and hence the carp are thriving and growing to huge weights in excess of 70lb.

This makes for some great carp fishing all year round and with the average size of carp being in the mid 20’s, multiple catches of 30lb plus carp are common.

Fishing huge rivers like the Ebro can have its problems, but with Pro Predator fishing here for many years, we have learned to adapt and overcome many of these problems. With our knowledge of the river Ebro, your fishing experience is in safe hands.

Fishing with pro predator gives you the advantage of using our experience from fishing these waters and enables you to enjoy the fishing from the very start of your Ebro carp fishing holiday.

It will likely ensure the success of this and future fishing holidays.

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