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Zander fishing on the Ebro

The river Ebro has got to be one of the best destinations in Europe for predator fishing, being able to fish the whole year round offers exceptional possibilities.

Zander fishing from a boat is the best approach in Mar de Aragon, as it is 110 kilo meters in length and has more than 500 kilo meters of mostly untouched river banks.

With boat fishing offering a broader range of opportunities to fish different techniques in more remote areas, although fishing from the shore can be very rewarding.

With the river Ebro producing great quantities of zander with quality fish amongst them, on the right tackle, zander will give you some good sport making for an enjoyable experience.

Pro Predator is familiar with a large variety of fishing methods and techniques for zander fishing leaving less safe places for the fish to hide.

To preserve this great fishing for the future we promote catch, photo and release, although we also understand some people in Europe like to have one for the table.

With Pro Predators vast knowledge of Mar de Aragon we can lead the way to your success for your fishing holiday.

By sharing our knowledge with our clients over the years we have received valuable fishing information on fishing techniques used in different destinations all over Europe which has given us the edge to your successful fishing trip.

When zander fishing is on top of your wish list, the river Ebro is one of the best destinations to visit and will not fail to impress.

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