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Catfish Fishing on the River Ebro

The river Ebro in Spain is famous for its large sized Catfish and for people who have never caught a Catfish before, an Ebro fishing holiday is a great opportunity to get to grips with these amazing creatures. Along with your Ebro Fishing Guide to help you out, you can really experience the power of these mighty fish. Catfish are actually considered as an invasive species on the River Ebro as they are not indigenous to Spanish rivers.

Wels Catfish were introduced into the Ebro in the 1970’s and since then they have grown to world record sizes. The Ebro holds thousands of small carp, providing an endless source of food for the resident Catfish. This means they just keep getting bigger, and the thrill and excitement of making a big catch transforms your holiday into a real adventure! The Ebro rates as one of the top fresh water big fish destinations in the world.

Ebro Catfish fishing is great for both rookie and veteran anglers and you can enjoy both bank fishing and boat fishing along with your expect Ebro fishing guide, who will be there to oversee your experience, offering skilled advice and excellent knowledge of the river. High quality tackle is provided so you can benefit from a smooth fishing experience with ultimate faith in your fishing equipment. The thrill of reeling in a huge catfish will stay with you forever and an Ebro fishing holiday is a brilliant, rewarding experience for those who love trying something different.

The region is full of life and much of the land surrounding the river Ebro forms part of the nature reserve. Take in the flora and fauna, many of which are protected species and enjoy the unusual wildlife. So if you are interested in Ebro Catfish Fishing, why not book now for fantastic rates at Pro Predator. Pro Predator offer custom Ebro fishing holiday packages so you can tailor your own unique Ebro Catfish fishing adventure. Get in touch with any requirements or take a look at the Ebro Fishing Gallery for a superb selection of images of happy customers on their very own Ebro fishing holidays.

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