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Catfish fishing on the Ebro

Catfish are now spread throughout the river Ebro in Spain and it is commonly said that it’s thanks to the German biologist Roland Lorkowski, who in the mid 1970’s introduced thirty to forty invasive juvenile Wels catfish of around 20-30cm into the river system at Mequinenza.

Due to the abundance of natural food sources and combination of pellet feeding, catfish have grown to huge sizes.

With the river Ebro providing the perfect habitat and environment for the Wels catfish, there has been an official recorded weight of 254lb and unrecorded captures in excess of 260lb.

Here at Pro Predator we specialize in catfish fishing on the Ebro using a great variety of techniques and fishing methods, captures of catfish over 100lb are realistic and no longer a dream.

Fishing all year round, Pro predator gives you the advantage of using our experience from fishing these waters and enables you to enjoy the fishing from the very start of your Ebro catfish fishing holiday.

With our knowledge of the river Ebro, your fishing experience is in safe hands.

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