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Seasons Fishing Holidays on the River Ebro

As you plan your Fishing Holiday, you might wonder what to expect at certain times of the year and what season might best suit your requirements. With expert fishing guides such as Lee, to take you on your journey, you can be certain that you will have a thrilling fishing experience, whatever the weather. We have detailed seasonal conditions below so you can choose a time of year that really suits you, allowing you can get the very best out of your fishing holiday and enjoy fishing for catfish, zander, perch and bass.


March is usually cool with some cold northerly winds. This month can be rewarding with some big fish coming out.

By April the weather starts to warm up and there are some prolonged periods of rain. The catfish could start spawning at any time from the middle of April and during spawning fishing can be difficult, but when timed right April can be rewarding with big fish coming out. Smaller fish are now starting to show in their numbers.

In May the weather has really warmed up with lots of sunshine and when spawning has finished around the middle of May, the catfish will be on the feed. As you would expect with the rain and increase in water temperature the Ebro runs fairly high with a lot of sediment and strong currents as the snow melt begins to fill the tributaries in the mountains that feed the Ebro.


The temperatures climb for the next few months and usually exceed 30c. With the rise in water temperature and increased metabolism, June, July and August see really good Catfish, Carp and Zander fishing.


September sees the weather starting to cool down a bit and continues to do so throughout October and November. The winds seem to increase but with the blue skies it is very pleasant.

The river is still running at its summer depth which is fairly low with water temperatures noticeably falling by November. As you would expect by the end of October the fishing starts to calm down from the high action of the summer and early autumn months, still producing a good number of 100lb plus catfish and large carp.


December, January and February is winter wherever you go in the northern hemisphere. There are some cold northerly winds and heavy rain, but still some sunny days into the late teens.

The river starts to take on a bit more colour and swells slightly although it does not peak until spring with the heavy rains and snow melt.

The above information is only a guide.
Fishing conditions vary according to weather.

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